ACOs and the Kidney Care Community

Robert Provenzano, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, DaVita
In this short video, Dr. Provenzano discusses the ACO ruling and what it means for the Renal Community.

Robert Provenzano, MD
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ACOs and the Kidney Care Community
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2 Responses to ACOs and the Kidney Care Community

  1. Hugo Tapia says:

    Bob : what is going to be the future of Independent Nephrologists in the ACOS. Will we be absorbed by the Corporations sponsoring the ACOS? or will we keep our independence still partcipating in the ACOs?

    • Robert Provenzano, MD says:

      Hugo – Thank you, It is hard to say. The markets will individually dictate if “independant” will be able to compete. I suspect this will take several years to mature. We will see!

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